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Robotic Prostate Surgery


Robotic prostatectomy has become the "gold standard" approach for surgical  management of prostate cancer. Advantages to conventional open surgery include:

  • Better visualization with magnified 3D optics

  • Decreased blood loss (rarely requiring transfusion)

  • Improved dissection and reconstruction

  • Significantly reduced pain

  • Decreased hospital stay and catheter time

  • Improved return to activity

  • Quicker return to continence for most patients

The operation is performed through 5 small (1/4 inch) incisions and the specimens are removed through a 1 to 1.5 inch incision around the belly button.

Lymph Node Dissection

Lymph nodes are small bean shaped organs all over the body which produce and store white blood cells that help fight diseases. They are part of the blood system and act as filters through out the body. They are also one of the first sights that cancer cells migrate towards.

If you have intermediate or high risk prostate cancer a lymph node dissection may be required to ensure a better cancer treatment outcome. Lymph node removal around the prostate usually do not lead to any long-term complications such as swelling.

Dr. Pattaras specializes in extended lymph node dissection which is key in offering the best long-term cancer outcomes.

Download Robotic Prostatectomy Guide

Please review "Become a Patient: Prostate Cancer" for information needed for a patient visit

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