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New Patient Checklist

To ensure a quality and comprehensive patient visit at Emory Urology please read the following:

Check specific prostate and kidney links for specific items we would like to review and what may be necessary. If neither of these apply but you have labs or imaging that is relevant to your case have it available. We would rather have too much information rather than too little.

If you are being referred to us and do not have your records please reach out to us as soon as possible and at least 2 business days of your expected office visit.


Please email Essence Taylor ( or call (404-778-8060) to ensure we have everything in place. If your call gets redirected to our Access Center please let agent know to send us an urgent message and feel free to sign up for our Emory MyChart

  • All pertinent records should be sent prior to your visit to have readily available to review. This helps the doctors identify issues before the visit.

    • Options to send records​ which are HIPPA compliant


  • eFax  404-778-4006​

  • Email - (click on link or send to this address with Subject - Dr. Pattaras - Patient information)

  • Emory Patient Portal - this is the quickest most secure avenue of communication

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