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Contact Dr. Pattaras' Office

IMPORTANT: To ensure privacy only Phone, Fax or Portal are considered HIPAA compliant. Email is not considered a preferred method of sending confidential patient information

Please review "Become a Patient" for specific patient information needed to ensure a quality and thorough initial visit 

             Emory Patient Portal

This is the quickest most secure avenue of communication

As of October 2022, we have transitioned to EPIC and use MyChart as our portal.

You can login to MyChart from your computer

OR download the MyChart app from IOS for Apple devices or Android for you phone or tablet

If you have a MyChart account from another hospital you still need to register with Emory to communicate.

If you would like more information please visit:


  Dr. Pattaras' Patient Care Coordinator         404-778-8060

  Patient Access Center                                    404-778-4898


  Dr. Pattaras' Office FAX                                  678-843-6693

Email Due to HIPPA laws we cannot communicate patient information via email.

We ask that you register with Emory Healthcare and join our EPIC portal called MyChart

Emory Healthcare Urology Access Center   404-778-4898

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