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Prostate Cancer Patients

 We offer two types of visits for newly diagnosed Prostate Cancer Patients.

 We consider newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients if you:

  • Underwent a prostate biopsy within a year's time

  • And have not received any previous treatment

If you have had treatment and inquiring to side effect or complications of treatment for prostate cancer please let our staff know this as your primary reason for an appointment. We have many physicians who may be better suited for your care.

Multi-Disciplinary Prostate Cancer Clinic (MPC Visit - Tuesday Afternoons)

   This is a comprehensive visit which you will meet a Radiation Oncologist, a Cancer Nurse    Navigator as well as Dr. Pattaras to review your diagnosis and discuss a treatment plan.      This is our preferred first visit even if you have discussed radiation treatment previously.      We can offer different treatment options based on diagnosis, age and your health.

Office Appointment with Dr. Pattaras alone (Urgent Visit)

   These appointments are for surgical discussion only. These are usually younger patients      are good surgical candidates, who may not consider radiation a treatment option and            usually are:

  • Direct referrals from your Urologist

  • Age <65

  • or Previous radiation treatment contemplating salvage surgery

In order to ensure a quality visit for either our MPC or visit with Dr. Pattaras we will need the following information. Please ensure you personally check make sure the information is obtained prior to your first visit: (either faxed, portal or email):

  • Biopsy Pathology Report

  • PSA Blood Test prior to biopsy

  • Any Available Imaging (Radiology) Reports that relate to your prostate cancer diagnosis

    • MRI of the Pelvis or Prostate

    • CT Scans of the Pelvis +/- Abdomen

    • Bone Scan

    • PET Scan

  • If you have any information regarding major medical problems (heart, lung or previous surgeries)

    • Not mandatory at first visit but this may aid in formulating a treatment plan

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